So Why Do Quadcopters Make Great Christmas Presents?

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas present this year for boys (and girls!) of all ages then you really should look at one of the many different choices of quadcopters and drones that are available today! You really want that excitement and that sheer look of happiness when they open their presents Christmas […]

Choosing A Quadcopter For A GoPro Camera

When looking to buy a GoPro quadcopter there are several factors and questions that one must have in their mind. There is always the debate as to whether one should purchase a quadcopter that’s ready for flying with GoPro or build their own. Many people who have taken up aerial viewing as a hobby will […]

How To Start Flying A Quadcopter

You may have seen some pretty amazing flying vehicles these days. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are becoming more and more common. The hobby is also getting more and more easy to get into. But with the great range of models and brands you may wonder, what is the best quadcopter to start out with. There […]

What Is The Best Quadcopter For Beginners?

If you are thinking about getting into the RC hobby, then you have most likely seen the quadcopter craze that has swept the world. These little unmanned aerial vehicles are very fun to fly, you can hover, you can go backwards, you can go straight up or down. All things that you can’t really do […]

How To Build A Quadcopter

If you have ever wondered what you need to get started in the RC hobby of multirotors, this is the place for you. In this article I am going to outline all the basic components that are necessary to get started building your own quadcopter. First, you are going to need a transmitter. The transmitter […]

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