How to Steer the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter

Steering the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter is complete fun on its own as you need to tilt and control your compatible Apple device controller for changing directions. Your enjoyment is enhanced by the breath taking video views received and the touch screen movements used for acceleration and speed reduction. One of the ground breaking features […]

Parrot AR Drone Initial Hands-On Overview!

The package: The box contains the AR Drone, outdoor and indoor bodies, a 1000 MaH LiPo battery and also battery charger, plugs for a number of country electric outlets, plus a target. About the Indoors flight: This is when the Parrot AR Drone excels. Push a single button, and the propellers spin up, then adjust […]

AR Drone Helicopter – More Than a Gadget!

The official AR Drone helicopter reviews have suggested that the product is worth a buy to suit the teenagers’ pocket. The product contains advanced functionality compared to last version. They are far better than the conventional helicopters toys operated from a control panel or remote. The latest product utilizes high end mechanical and electronic AR […]

Drones – Looking to the Future in Delivery Work

As the roads become more congested on a daily basis and the price of fuel continues to skyrocket, some companies may consider looking to the skies to ease the burden of delivery work. Amazon has launched a new delivery method for consumers to consider, which they hope will both reduce the cost of shipping and […]

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