Which Flying Drone Do I Buy?

Had you considered buying a drone about two years ago, most people would have labelled you as crazy. But nowadays, over the past year at least, that’s what the buzz is all about. They have been gaining in popularity and more and more commercial applications have developed for them. The two main competitors are Parrot […]

Drones: Use, Safety and Regulation

Drones are unmanned remotely controlled flying vehicles that also can be used for specific work in addition to just being able to fly around. Whether larger or mini drones, a few criteria below will help you know what is best for you. Ease of Use (How easy is it to fly?) Size (The best drone […]

Should You Buy Your Kid a Drone for Christmas?

Kids love to play with the latest gadgets and toys. Even since the 80’s kids and even adults have enjoyed the hobby of RC (Radio Controlled) cars, helicopters and planes. These days the technology has advanced and we have a new generation of RC drones that come in many shapes, sizes and types. So if […]

Why Buy Your First Drone In 2016?

Drones are definitely taking over 2016. CES 2016 promises to be the first tech event where drones will reign supreme. In addition to augmented knowledge, quantum computing and blockchain, drone lanes will be one of the top 8 hottest tech trends in 2016. Drones will Dominate CES 2016 Drones, also known as UAV (or unmanned […]

Drones and Their Use by Governmental and Private Instances

A drone is an unmanned remotely controlled flying vehicle that also can be used for specific work in addition to just being able to fly around. Drones are used for photographic and video recording from above. Some are used to perform scientific or technical measurements. Some carry weapons and are used as combat tools. Still […]

AR Drone Games – The Best Among the Rest!

AR Drone helicopter by Parrot is one of the most amazing remote controlled vehicles. It is fast catching on in popularity with the kids and adults alike. This helicopter comes equipped with various accessories, replacement parts, and additional games. The Drone helicopter uses Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPhone for controlling the device. As a […]

Brushless DC Motors

Motors play an important part in lifting and running a device. They are limited to weight but high efficiency and power capacity motors can easily cover heavy weight situations. Brushless Motors are best used for quadcopters, multicopters and drones. Choosing motors for copter projects is not an easy task, so for every selection technical specifications […]

How to Make Your Own Drone

Making your own drone is a fun task that can be exciting and also beneficial to you depending on what you need it for. A lot of people enjoy making drones as science projects because they have a nice look to them and the idea behind them is pretty neat. A drone is also commonly […]

AR Drone Parts

Everyone who’s aware of this gadget would love to own a unit of AR Drone. Costing over three hundred dollars, you could say that this is one expensive toy that you would want to maintain. Since it consists of a number of components, you could expect some of the parts to break at one point. […]

Gain Experience With Amazing Accessories of AR Drone Helicopter

Get unique experience and more fun with all new AR Drone helicopter. The electronic helicopter is a package of advanced technology and is integrated with complied exclusive programming along with technical specifications. However, it is a mile stone in the field of entertainment expertise achieved by young programmers. This device is specially designed for the […]

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