Gain Experience With Amazing Accessories of AR Drone Helicopter

Get unique experience and more fun with all new AR Drone helicopter. The electronic helicopter is a package of advanced technology and is integrated with complied exclusive programming along with technical specifications. However, it is a mile stone in the field of entertainment expertise achieved by young programmers. This device is specially designed for the youngsters found of trying something new in their gaming incidents. The best factor of this electronic helicopter is that it is highly compatible with iPhone touch pad. This technically designed device is amiable with accelerometers, micro electro mechanical system and with gyroscopes. AR Drone accessories are awesome in order to use this helicopter comfortably.

This helicopter delivers a good range and hovers at the pad when your fingers are off from the touch pad. The best thing about this device is that it never leaves its range and transports 11 miles per hour speed or 18KM p/hr at ease. The evaluated height of Drone is 20- 25 feet. You can enjoy a sharp take off and soft landing by following proper instructions. Initially, the autopilot helps it to go to 1 meter above the ground approximately. Furthermore, you can get 15 minutes of astonishing flight after every battery recharge. AR Drone accessories are consisting of iPhone touch pad and a game developer kit. It is quite easy to connect electronic helicopter to your iPhone or iPad through a Wi- Fi connection. Move your fingers as described in the kit and enjoy the desired direction movements of the helicopter.

AR Drone accessories share the great interface with Linux OS. It seems like driving a car by holding a steering. The routers set up perfect edge with the outside environment to create optimum movements and wind penetration. Drone is proficient in facing minor challenges. An auto pilot located in the mid- pilot offers a stable flight and safe landing during functioning. This device is good in delivering desired performance with best quality.

Drone accessories are quite supportive to producing the desirable presentation. Furthermore, no technical skills are required to piloting this helicopter. You just need to be little active and attentive while you go for a ride with AR Drone. After having your first experience with this electronic helicopter, you will feel the difference between its edge cutting technology. So do not think much and get your AR Drone from leading online websites.